10 Useful Snapchat Tips & Tricks You Don't Yet Know

We've covered a great deal about various tricks on Snapchat including how to remove people from your best friends list.

In this post, we'll take a look at some new and useful Snapchat tricks that you probably not yet know.

An update: you can now use swap faces using Snapchat.

1. Drawing with a white color

To draw on a snap you're about to send, hold your finger down to the screen and slide to the left. This will change the color to white. You can then draw on the pic. The colors on iPhone may however be limited.

2. Drawing with a black color

If you slide your finger to the bottom left section of the screen, the color of the brush will change to black. You can then draw with a black color.

In fact, you can draw in any color by holding down your finger and sliding on the screen. The screen acts like a color picker so that every time you slide to a new location the color will change. You can select your desired color this way.

If you start with red, the top right corner is red, top left white and bottom right black. All the other colors are in between.

3. Editing pictures on Snapchat using Filters

The latest Snapchat update introduced filters which allow filters on pictures to improve the quality of pictures.

To enable Smart Filters and Visual Filters, go to Settings > Manage and select the Smart Filters and Visual Filters option. Smart Filters allow you to add the Time, Temperature and Speed into your picture. You can add these filters by swiping left or right on the screen.

Visual Filters come with two options - Black & White and Vintage filters. Using these filters will change your picture to a black and white picture or vintage-styled mode.

4. Captions with large font size

You know that you can use captions on your pictures. What you probably don't know however is that you can increase the font size of your caption.

To do this, go to Settings > Manage and click on the enable special text. After you have entered your caption, tap on the T button on the top right corner of the screen to enable the large font effect.

5. Replay a snap

Snapchat now allows you to view the same snap twice. However this is limited to one snap per day. You can activate this feature from Settings > Manage and selecting Replay.

To replay a snap, click on any recent snap you want to replay on your stream. A pop-up will ask you 'Would you like to replay this snap from ****? You can only do this once per day. Click on the Replay button to do so.

6. Increase the number of best friends to 5 or 7

Snapchat Best Friends are very convenient when you're sending out snaps. They are displayed at the top of your contacts list for easy access so you don't have to scroll through your entire contacts to select the friends you want to snap.

By default, you only have 3 best friends. With the latest Snapchat updates, you can now increase this number to 5 or 7 by going to Settings > Manage > # of best friends and selecting the desired number of 5 or 7.

7. Download/save snaps to your phone

This is applicable only on Android.

It's possible to automatically download and save snaps received and sent by installing Xposed Frameworks and using KeepChat module.

Your friends will not be alerted when you save a snap, according to the developers of KeepChat. Make sure you have the latest updated KeepChat version for this to work.

8. Delete/Unlink your phone number from Snapchat

We posted a tutorial on how to remove your phone number from Snapchat earlier. Till then it was impossible to do so without deleting your account.

But thanks to the latest updates, it is now possible to unlink your phone number with your Snapchat username, although it is still impossible to entirely remove the number. To unlink, go to Settings > Mobile number and untick the check box adjacent to Link username to mobile number.

9. Type more text on your caption

If you hold your phone in a vertical position, you'll have very little area to type on and as a result, you may think you can only enter very little text as caption to your snap.

This is not the case. You can type more text by holding your phone in the horizontal position (sideways). This will automatically create more room to type your text.

10. Remove people from best friends list

This has been extensively covered in an earlier post. But we'll summarize it again.

Your best friends list is displayed on your profile and can be viewed by anyone who has you as their contact. It's impossible at this point to remove the list altogether. But it's possible to remove certain people from the list with a hack.

To remove people from your Best Friends list, simply block them. This will remove them from the list and any list there is. You can then unblock them again. They will no longer appear on your list after you unblock them.