Snapchat Best Friends: Everything You Need To Know

Snapchat is slowly growing to be among the hottest social apps in the industry, but there are certainly some unanswered questions regarding several features of this photo sharing app. For one, the best friends feature of Snapchat is still a mystery to many of us.

This post is a little outdated. Please refer to Snapchat Emojis (click here) for a new March 2016 update.

In this post, I'll try to make you understand everything there is to know about Snapchat best friends and how you can alter the list.

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What Are Snapchat Best Friends? How Does It Work?

Best friends on Snapchat are the people that you chat with most frequently over the past seven days. By default, Snapchat's best friends list displays three people that you have communicated the most with over the past week. This number can be increased to five or seven from the settings.

The best friends list is displayed at the top of your contacts when you send a snap. The purpose of this list is so you can easily access the people that you Snapchat with most frequently when you're sending a snap; this helps do away with the boring process of going through all your contacts to find the person you're sending a snap to.

The list is automatically updated using an algorithm based on the afore-mentioned principle.

Snapchat Best Friends feature has since been removed by Snapchat. It has been replaced by emojis. To know more about the new Snapchat and how to use it, visit this article on SnappTips.

The Annoying Thing About Snapchat Best Friends

Here's the really annoying thing about Snapchat best friends list, also commonly referred to as a top list: this list is displayed on your public profile whether you like it or not. It is displayed as a list of usernames with gold stars under your name and snapchat score.

Why it is annoying is that anyone who looks at your profile can see the people you chat with most frequently, which is a big no-no if you want your privacy.

Imagine your girlfriend looking at your profile that displays a list of other girls as your best friends -- and we all know many of our snapchats can be extremely sexual -- this can easily lead to a break-up.

Snapchat Best Friends Score

Your snapchat score is displayed alongside your profile. It is the total number of snaps sent and received. The best friends score however is slightly different. While the list is determined by the total number of snaps sent and received within the week, the actual score displayed next to your friends' usernames is the number of snaps you have sent.

How To Delete Snapchat Best Friends

It is impossible to remove the entire list or get rid of it altogether. But you can remove certain friends from your best friends list and replace them with other friends. This way, you can hide the person you don't want displayed on the list.

A detailed guide has already been covered on our previous post: How To Remove Best Friends In Snapchat

But we'll briefly go through the process. It basically boils down to the underlying principle behind the best friends feature. The more frequently you communicate with someone, that someone becomes your best friend. So following this principle, you can replace your entire list by chatting more frequently with people that you want displayed on your list. When you have exchanged more snaps than with those in your current list, you'll get a new list of new people, thus hiding your current best friends, or in other words deleting your snapchat best friends.

No Snapchat Best Friends

If there are no names displayed on your best friends list, it means you haven't communicated more frequently with anyone within the week. It is nothing to be ashamed of and it doesn't mean you don't have a best friend. Bear in mind that the best friends list is only a reflection of the people you exchanged most snaps with for the past week.

How To Add A Best Friend On Snapchat

So you're best friends list doesn't display any name and you want to have a list of your best friends. Adding best friends on Snapchat is easy. Simply chat with someone more often than you do others and that someone will instantly be displayed on your best friends list.

But remember, this list is determined on the score of the last 7 days. So you'll have to snapchat with the persons after every 7 days to retain the list.

How To Have More Than 3 Snapchat Best Friends

Using Snapchat's latest updates, you can now easily increase the number of your snapchat best friends to 5 or 7. This can be achieved by going to the Settings page within the app and then clicking on the Best Friends link. Previously this was achieved using hack codes such as "sopopular".

While having more snapchat best friends may prove useful when you're sending out snaps -- it allows easy selection of recipients -- but you must be aware that the list is displayed on your public profile. Also, manipulating the list contents could be harder when you have too many best friends.

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