How To Remove Recent Friends On Snapchat [Tutorial]

​Snapchat features a list of your best friends and a recent list of people you last chat with on your friends list. This can be seen on top of the screen that displays your friends list after you take a snap. The purpose of these two features -- best friends and recent list -- is to enable an easy navigation, or a shortcut if you will, for you to send your snap to people you're most likely to snapchat with, that is your best friends and people you recently communicate ​​with.

The Snapchat best friends list displays 3 people that you chat with most frequently in the past week and is determined by a 'magical' Snapchat algorithm taking into account your chat score with that person. The recent list however is simply a log of 5 friends that you last chat with. Both these lists are displayed on top of your friends list (which is displayed alphabetically) for easy access.

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In actuality, you cannot delete or hide both the Snapchat best friends and recent friends list. These are sticky features of Snapchat. But there have been a good deal of complaints from users and questions on how to delete or hide these lists. And while it is still impossible to delete these features from your Snapchat, there is a trick to get the desired result you want to achieve.

The work-around on hiding your best friends list has already discussed in an earlier post, so we'll only be looking at how you can manipulate the list of your recent contacts to hide or delete the people you don't want displayed on the list.

Most likely you want to delete the recent people feature because there's a particular friend you don't want displayed on that list; and prying eyes from your best friends cannot always be avoided. So instead of deleting the entire feature, which as pointed out earlier is impossible of course, we'll replace that friend with someone else so he/she is no longer displayed on the list.

  1. Open up your Snapchat camera and take a random picture.
  2. Send the snap to an acquaintance that will not make a fuss on receiving a random pic of you.
  3. Repeat the above step 4 times, each time sending the snap to a different person.

Upon having completed the above trick, the friend you want removed from your recent people list will have been pushed out of the new list which will now display the 5 people that you last send a snap to.

For an easier work-around, you can simply take a picture and multi-select 5 random friends to send to. These 5 people will then be displayed on the recent contacts list having replaced the existing friends, including that particular someone you want to hide.

With over 200 million photos sent everyday, Snapchat is fast growing to be the hottest social app today. Some features, especially the best friends list, are however still very much frowned upon by users while some others are not working properly, for instance the notification feature in Snapchat doesn't work for iPhone and iPad users. Snapchat will have to come up with more solutions for flexibility and better privacy if they are to maintain that steady growth rate.