How To Delete Your Snapchat Friends [Tutorial]

Using Snapchat may be a little daunting for the novice user, but like all things in life it can easily be mastered. And like all things in social apps, adding and deleting friends can be done with a breeze.

Snapchat is steadily growing to be the hottest mobile app in the world and there's good reason for it. The photo/video sharing app is packed with simple but amazing features; and when it comes to friends lists, you're provided with a one-click option of adding, renaming, blocking and deleting friends.

Here's a step by step guide on how to delete your Snapchat friends:

  1. Open up the camera feature in the app. Go to the bottom right corner of your screen where you'll see a small icon that allows you to open up a list of your friends.
  2. Select 'My Friends' to access your friends list.
  3. Find the name of the friend you want to delete from your Snapchat. Do not click on it though.
  4. Slide your finger from left to right across the name of the friend you want to delete.
  5. A red 'Edit' button will pop up on the right side of the screen. Click on it.
  6. You will now be faced with three options - Edit Name, Block and Delete. Select the Delete option and voila, your friend is deleted from your Snapchat list.

If you're not too keen on deleting your friend just yet -- because your friend will eventually notice that you are no longer friends on Snapchat, if he/she is really your friend that is -- a good alternative is to block him/her. This can be easily done by following the instructions discussed above and selecting the Block option instead of Delete at the last step.

With over 350 million photos shared every day, Snapchat is fast taking on social networking to a whole new level. It recently turned down a reported $3 billion acquisition offer from Facebook, which only goes to show that Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy, co-founders of Snapchat, are having big plans for the future of this social app. Looks like Snapchat is here to stay, and for long.

And it would certainly do one well to learn the ropes and tricks of using it before the rest of the world catches on to the existing trend. From simple functions such as adding captions to pictures and setting picture time limits to the more advanced privacy and 'clear feed' features, Snapchat is as revolutionary as it is easy to use. The basic functions are pretty self-explanatory while the more advanced ones may require guidance.

It should also, however, be noted that instructions and features may slightly differ on Android phones. For instance, while the iPhone version of Snapchat does not come with any option of lowering the quality of videos you take with the app or changing the orientation of the camera, the Android version is well-equipped with such features. Also, the notification features only work in Android.

So there you have it folks, deleting your friends from Snapchat is as easy as opening a bottle of water.

How To Delete Your Snapchat Friends - The 3 Step Version

Here's a shorter version of the tutorial for the more experienced users:

1. Go to your friends list by clicking on the bottom right List button of your Snapchat camera feature.
2. Swipe your finger across the name of the friend you want to delete.
3. Click 'Edit'. Click 'Delete'.

And that's it.