How to Use Snapchat on iPhone and Android

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Snapchat is a photo, video and text messaging application popular for its disappearing messages. Everytime someone sends you a photo, video or text message, called snaps, its gets automatically self-deleted once you have viewed it. You'll however be allowed a replay of one snap in 24 hours.

With over 700 million snaps exchanged everyday, Snapchat is definitely among the biggest players of instant messaging apps today. It's no wonder Evan Spiegel, founder of Snapchat, recently rejected an acquisition deal from Facebook.

There is definitely something right about Snapchat. Something addictive. #Selfies anyone?

The app sees most downloads from teenagers, which comes as no surprise. And if you're just getting into the Snapchat game, you might find it a little complicated at first, a little too geeky, to navigate between the settings.

Not to worry, using Snapchat is as easy as they come. Here are the steps needed to help you get started.

How to use Snapchat

  1. Download and install Snapchat:

    Snapchat for Android
    Snapchat for iOS
  2. Sign up using your email and enter a password, your birthday and a username. Make sure you choose a suitable username as you cannot change this at a later point.
  3. A list displaying your contacts who has signed up for Snapchat will appear on the next screen. Add all the friends you want as your Snapchat friends. You can also search for new Snapchat friends using the search bar by typing in their username.
  4. Go to your main screen and take a picture by tapping on the camera button once. You can edit the picture using filters by swiping left or right. You can also add captions by tapping on the center of the screen. To draw or doodle on the picture, click on the pen icon on the top right corner of the screen.
  5. Set the timer on the bottom left corner by tapping once on it. Select the number of seconds you want your snap to be visible.
  6. Send out your snap to one or multiple contacts by ticking on the checkboxes next to the username of your friends and tapping on the send button on the bottom once the recipient selection is completed.
  7. To view a snap that has been sent to you, go to your received snaps list and tap and press on a message. The message will be visible for as long as you press and hold on to the snap before the timer runs out.

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